Biogas plant Kobilníky

JMA GROUP s.r.o. has conducted the construction of biogas plant Kobylníky 500 kW. The biogas plant is designed for the process of two-stages wet production of biogas. The substrate is firstly...

JMA GROUP will build the first largest tank for storage of liquid nitrogen fertilizer DAM in the Czech Republic

JMA GROUP wins contract for construction of the first largest tank for storage of liquid nitrogen fertilizer DAM in the Czech Republic. This is a liquid manure storage with a capacity of...

Steel fermenter JMA

JMA GROUP offers the complete supply of the steel fermenter with stainless steel inner wall, which using is suitable for all types of biogas plants.More information attached in the...
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Energy from biomass

It is a profitable investment for many farms, waste disposal companies and towns to generate energy from manure, waste products and products with high energy. This also has positive aspects for the environment.
Our biogas stations can be used:

• in agriculture, to process plant and animal biomass
• to process food wastes and similar productions (like starch factories, distilleries, mills, slaughter-houses, cooling plants, canning factories, sugar refineries, etc.)

Biogas from the biogas station is used:

• to produce heat
• to produce heat and power (cogeneration)
• to produce heat, electricity and cooling (trigeneration) - trigeneration is used rarely
• to drive the vehicles (cars, buses, agricultural machinery, trains)


• dry fermentation
• wet fermentation
• combination of dry and wet fermentation

Dry fermentation is suitable for processing of agricultural commodities (straw manure, corn, grass and corn silage).

Wet fermentation is suitable for use treatment of wastewater and sewage sludge processing plant or animal origin. In agriculture it is used for processing materials with high content of slurry.

The combination of dry and wet fermentation causes:
- economical and efficient production of biogas, low operating cost biogas
- high reliability and safety


schéma mokré a suché fermentace EN.JPG [72,9kB]
Scheme of wet and dry fermentation [72,9kB]
schéma mokré fermentace EN.JPG [64,9kB]
Scheme of wet fermentation [64,9kB]