Biogas plant Kobilníky

JMA GROUP s.r.o. has conducted the construction of biogas plant Kobylníky 500 kW. The biogas plant is designed for the process of two-stages wet production of biogas. The substrate is firstly...

JMA GROUP will build the first largest tank for storage of liquid nitrogen fertilizer DAM in the Czech Republic

JMA GROUP wins contract for construction of the first largest tank for storage of liquid nitrogen fertilizer DAM in the Czech Republic. This is a liquid manure storage with a capacity of...

Steel fermenter JMA

JMA GROUP offers the complete supply of the steel fermenter with stainless steel inner wall, which using is suitable for all types of biogas plants.More information attached in the...
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EISENMANN technology

Standard biogas EISENMANN equipment consists of the main horizontal digesterthe thermal and disintegration degree and post digester. The facilities are fully automated and equipped with process control systems that measure, control and regulate.

Main horizontal digester
The first level of fermentation is insulated steel tubular reactor with a horizontal shaft mixer and separator layers of sand and sludge.
Solids are supplied to the digester to supply separately, liquids fermentation substrates by a pump. Here substrates digest in a stable temperature between 30 and 55 ° C. During this process is 60-70% of normal yield of gas emited. 

Advantage of a horizontal digester:
- constantly stirring  prevents the sedimentation or slippage of substrates
- sand and gravel, which is collected at the bottom of the digester can be easily exported
- wall heating provides maximum surface area for heat transfer and uniform temperature distribution

Thermal disintegration
After the fermentation in the horizontal digestor the substrate pass through the thermal disintegration, which increases the yield of gas. The substrate is here heated to 70 ° C.
Operation of the biogas is becoming more economical and efficient.

Post digester
After the thermal disintegration is substrate kept in an additional digester (vertical digester with paddle), for further digestion in the second fermentation level.